ALPHR Roadmap to Automation

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Successfully addressing the questions why, what and how to automate, is a good starting point in creating a Roadmap to Automation for a business looking to unlock the myriad benefits automation has to offer.

The team at ALPHR Technology have recently published the “ALPHR Roadmap to Automation: The Why, What and How”, which provides straight forward guidance by posing and answering the right questions from the production, engineering, operations and overall business points of view. The aim is to provide end-to-end guidance for clients’ automation projects, highlighting the key business benefits of automation and how to plan a route to success.

The ALPHR Roadmap is framed around the big questions that any business contemplating automation might ask, namely:

  • What are the benefits of automation?
  • What needs to be considered?
  • Why automate?
  • What are the production benefits?
  • What and how to automate?
  • What are the engineering benefits?
  • What is the business case for automation?

The ALPHR Roadmap explains how and why the automation of part, or all of a manufactuing process, can help a business to realise key business goals, namely increased productivity, efficiency, resilience and competitiveness. The Roadmap also outlines the significant benefits for the workforce, the planet and for business agility.

By creating a Roadmap to Automation with a 360-degree view of automation, ALPHR has provided a framework to support careful project planning; the case for investment; and how ALPHR as an experienced and innovative integration partner, can bring their years of expertise to bear, for each stage of the journey.

Above all, the ALPHR Roadmap provides an educated starting point for any business thinking about stepping into the automation unknown, sharing the benefit of ALPHR’s experience as company with a proven track record in automation, complex assembly and test solutions, across a wide variety of manufacturing sectors.

Whether you are a business leader who wants to understand how automation can help to make your business more agile and provide a good return on investment; or an engineer who wants to improve a manufacturing process and increase precision, repeatability and quality; the ALPHR Roadmap to Automation is designed to help.

The “ALPHR Roadmap to Automation” is currently available as a printed document, but will shortly be available as a series of digital downloads.

If you would like to discuss automating your project, please contact the ALPHR team by email  or telephone  +44 (0)1462 675 838

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