ATS Technologies and ALPHR

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ALPHR Technology has now been in partnership with ATS Technologies for over a year. Based in Chennai in India, ATS builds automated test systems primarily for the automotive sector. With a small, expert engineering team, led by the dynamic engineer and entrepreneur, Viswanathan Vaidyanathan, ATS Technologies has proved itself to be an invaluable partner, providing complete turnkey solutions, and amplifying ALPHR’s market presence in India.

Despite their difference in size, the commonalities that exist between the two businesses and their business philosophies, have produced mutual benefits and opportunities to share expertise. ALPHR has over 30 years’ experience working within the automotive sector, amongst others. ATS Technologies was founded by Viswanathan in 2012 and its core business is automotive. The business is perfectly located, as Chennai is widely regarded as the “Detroit of India”, and is where approximately 40% of the country’s automotive industry and suppliers of automotive components are based.

The idea of partnership was sparked as both companies worked on a project for the same client. Viswanathan says “We had seen machines from ALPHR and knew how good they were. Our clients would point at ALPHR products and say, ‘We want something like that!’ ALPHR sets the benchmark. Through a mutual client, we realised that we both do the same thing, but we could also find some synergy in working together. This would benefit ATS, ALPHR and our client.”

The last year has seen the relationship between both businesses go from strength to strength. During the global pandemic, the partnership played a vital role when the travel ban prevented ALPHR’s engineers from reaching India. ATS were able to offer essential, local support to ALPHR’s clients.

ATS Technologies is renowned for their ability to take complex engineering problems and find innovative solutions. Recent success came in the form of a challenge from a specialist electric technologies company in Europe, to take an electric motor, originally designed for a four wheeled European vehicle, and place it within a three wheeled vehicle of the type widely used in India. This involved removing the petrol engine and inserting the electric motor, then developing a completely new control system that could accept inputs from the throttle, brakes, motor and battery management system. ATS’s design for the main processing unit, was a complete success and delivered to their client in a record-breaking time of three months.

Quality of offer is a common thread that runs through both businesses. ATS only offers automated test solutions, which results in machines that will ensure quick, accurate and high-quality outputs for the client. Viswanathan says, “Our philosophy is to use high quality brands, that ensure the highest quality components. I really like to construct machines which can be built with off-the-shelf components.” This approach is one that ALPHR is keen to embrace further, and increase the use of commercially available off-the-shelf products in their own equipment design.

In conclusion, Viswanathan says, “ALPHR Technologies has been like our big brother. You always want somebody to look up to and ALPHR machines are world class. We try to match that level of quality.”

Tom Ross, Head of Sales at ALPHR says, “ATS is such a great partner choice for us. India is a fine example of how you should go about developing an industrial base. Their education system is geared to producing engineers and as a result, produces some of the best engineers in the world.”

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