BDZ Automation and ALPHR

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A new partnership was announced on 9 August 2021, between BDZ Automation, based in Gdańsk, Poland and ALPHR Technology operating from Letchworth in the UK.

BDZ Automation is a talented young company, founded in 2017 by entrepreneurs Agata Kostecka and Blazej Dziag. The company specialises in process automation and systems control. With the team’s extensive experience in design, commissioning and production support for control systems, BDZ brings a new dimension to ALPHR Technology’s operations in Central and Eastern Europe, particularly in the areas of systems integration, commissioning and support.

After many years working for prestigious companies in the engineering and sales sectors, Agata and Blazej decided to form their own company. From a team of two, BDZ Automation has now grown over a period of four years, to a team of forty engineers supported by five administrative staff. This growth is indicative of the ambition and dynamism of Agata and Blazej and also the strength of their carefully selected team.

With a successful career in control engineering, project management and now sales, Paweł Łusiak embodies the vision and business agility upon which BDZ Automation is founded. Paweł has been Business Developer for BDZ Automation since late 2019 – a challenging time to start working in sales, just as the pandemic was beginning. His hard work and attention to detail in finding projects and partnerships, has helped lead to new business opportunities and the partnership with ALPHR is a case in point.

Paweł explained that he identified ALPHR Technology as a potential partner, whilst carrying out research on UK businesses online. Having thoroughly researched ALPHR’s expertise and breadth of projects, Paweł sent a presentation to Tom Ross, Head of Sales. Paweł said, “I found Tom Ross and sent him a message, and he replied the same day. He had seen my presentation and said that he was looking for a partner in Poland and that the skills BDZ presented were exactly what ALPHR Technology was looking for. Such a partnership would help ALPHR grow in Eastern Europe.” Paweł and Tom have not yet had the opportunity to meet in person, but have nonetheless developed a working relationship of trust and mutual respect between the two businesses.

At a time of global pandemic, travel bans and restrictions, and with the lingering effects of Brexit, the benefits of strategic partnerships in terms of expertise, logistics and geography, have become increasingly evident. The first partnership project involves comprehensive support from BDZ in adapting ALPHR’s machines for the assembly and testing of illuminated vehicle components for one of ALPHR’s clients located in central Poland. BDZ is providing support for both the mechanical installation and set-up of new fixtures and tooling, electrical modifications and robot reprogramming, to accommodate new part variants.

Paweł sees enormous potential for the partnership, with next steps to include specialist training for the BDZ engineering team, essential in supporting ALPHR’s clients and growing the business in the region. BDZ is based in Gdańsk, with engineers within reasonable driving distance of manufacturing centres like Kraków in Southern Poland. BDZ’s location means that ALPHR’s clients in Southern Poland will be able benefit from next day service and support.

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