Desa Test Systems and ALPHR

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Based in Jalisco in western Mexico, Desa Test Systems has recently become a Systems Integration Partner to ALPHR Technology. With its test and automation experience, and expert knowledge of the Mexican market, the company represents a strong and dynamic partner, able to offer service and support to ALPHR’s clients in Mexico and the wider region.

Desa was formed in 2005. The original intention was to be a local supplier of parts, to manufacturing companies who had established themselves in Mexico. As these companies began to automate their manufacturing processes, it became clear that there were engineering opportunities where Desa could more fully utilise its skills. In recent years, Desa has grown to become a team of fifty-five, who not only design and build test and end-of-line testing equipment, but also create bespoke automation solutions for the automotive, telecoms, aerospace, home appliance and medical sectors.

When it came to choosing a systems integration partner in Mexico, Desa’s experience and ethos proved compelling. The connection to Desa was facilitated by a Mexican business association. Mario Delgadillo, Sales Manager for Desa says, “We are very similar companies. We can be ALPHR Technology’s hands here and we can offer a quicker service to ALPHR’s clients, that would have been a problem because of the distance. We can be with the client the same or next day.”

“The main purpose of our company is to provide a full solution to our clients. We offer a full service and provide a product that will meet our clients’ requirements, innovating to find the best solutions. Often, this requires using new technology,” says Mario Delgadillo.

Desa also prides itself on the level of service it offers its clients, valuing the trust and confidence they place in the Desa team as a result. Desa has now been working with many of its clients for nearly ten years. Mario Delgadillo says, “I have seen companies come to Mexico, and they don’t have the experience of the local market. Here the market asks a lot from their suppliers. We are local, so I can quickly visit a client, listen to what the client needs and take a decision on the action required. We understand the need for more than just providing a product. If a client calls you, you need to act.”

Desa has just had the best sales year on record and Mario Delgadillo is even more optimistic about success in 2022. He believes that the future will bring more automation in production, which will mean new opportunities for the business and the partnership. “Any company making a product or final assembly – we can help fully automate. We can provide not only robot programming services or machines for assembly, but the software to integrate all this technology.”

As partners, Desa will benefit from ALPHR’s support for their clients in Europe, with both companies sharing skills and knowledge. The first partnership project will begin in December, with the Desa team installing a line assembly for an ALPHR client in north western Mexico.

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