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Dispensing system with TriSpector branding.

Dispensing Systems


Dispensing Systems

ALPHR Technology has comprehensive experience in the automated dispensing of adhesives and various other materials across a wide range of applications.

Dispensing System Applications

The range of materials automatically dispensed using ALPHR made machines include:

  • Cyanoacrylate adhesives
  • 2K epoxy resins
  • 2K epoxy adhesives
  • Potting compounds
  • Sealants
  • Thermal pastes
  • UV curing adhesives
  • Hot melt adhesives
  • Lubricating grease
  • Anaerobic adhesives
  • Flux paste

Using the above materials, ALPHR Technology has worked on numerous projects requiring dispensing systems, including:

  • PCB potting dispensing (various electronic modules)
  • Thermal barrier application (various electronic modules)
  • Polymer to polymer adhesive dispensing (automotive tread plates, various electronic modules)
  • Polymer to metal adhesive dispensing (automotive tread plates, various electronic modules)
  • Metal to metal adhesive dispensing (various electronic modules)
  • Pre-brazing flux application

Automated dispensing systems have been utilised in automated application solutions, including:

  • Robotised systems (SCARA & 6-Axis)
  • Servo-based Cartesian systems (XY and XYZ)
  • Fixed head systems
  • Spray systems

Integrating dispensing equipment from industry-leading suppliers such as Henkel, ViscoTec, Metermix, and Nordson, ALPHR Technology has brought automated dispensing projects from concept to reality on many occasions.

To find out more, get in touch with our dedicated engineers today. Our automated sealant dispensing systems are available in the UK and worldwide.

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