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In a world where self-driving cars, sustainable energy, smart home technology and the Internet of Things are becoming common place, the demands for testing electronics in the production environment have become ever more stringent.

Over many years, ALPHR has gained unprecedented experience in the assembly and testing of industrial and consumer electronics, becoming an industry leader in the field. 

In an ever-changing environment, electrical testing plays an integral part of quality control for many manufacturers. ALPHR have developed a wide range of assembly and test solutions ensuring that even the most robust standards are met.

Established & emerging applications:

  • ECU’s
  • ICT
  • Consumer Electronics including smart home devices, heating systems
  • Mobile Telecoms
  • Fuse Boxes
  • Discrete LED & LED lighting modules
  • LCD’s/TFT’s/OLED
  • Touchscreens & Haptics
  • Instrument clusters
  • Medical devices
  • Solenoid valves including PWM Control
  • Rail network relays & modules
  • In-car entertainment systems
  • Satellite downlink modules
  • Automotive buttons, dials, switches, steering wheel controls
  • Electric Vehicle applications including displays, power control, DC-DC convertors, super capacitors power cell, charging systems.

Over many decades, ALPHR has provided a multitude of solutions utilising the following technologies:

  • PWM signal control
  • Current/voltage/resistance/inductance/capacitance/frequency measurement
  • Programmable AC/DC voltage control
  • Bi-directional communication including LIN/CAN/MOST
  • Electrical contact response/speed
  • Video including LVDS
  • Analogue & Digital Audio in/out
  • Bluetooth
  • USB & memory cards
  • GPS & GPRS
  • Wi-Fi
  • Pull-in and drop-out voltage/currents
  • Hysteresis measurements and calculation

If you’re looking for a solutions provider with extensive knowledge in electronics, backed up by years of experience in the field, ALPHR could be the perfect partner to your business.

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