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What we do


What we do


Test machines

In the factory or on the go

We have 30 years of global experience in the development and deployment of industry-leading test solutions and can offer much of this functionality in the form of portable test equipment for use on location.

ALPHR can build machines capable of testing a wide variety of functions and characteristics throughout a production process, to ensure the consistent quality of final products. Whatever you need to test and however you need to test it, we can help.

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Robotics and Automation

We believe in careful, considered, robotic solutions.
Our consultation process ensures that robot cells are deployed in a safe, reliable, maintainable and cost efficient manner.
ALPHR software integrates the robot into the overall control structure of the production line, to ensure the most benefit from an investment in robotics.

We have strategic alliances with key manufacturers of robots
and cobots. This enables us to provide our clients with the best robotic solutions, access to new and emerging technologies
and unparalleled support.

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Complex assembly

We know that the automation of any assembly process requires understanding of the complexities involved, repeatability and above all, precision. Our experience ranges across the development and deployment of a wide variety of complex manual, semi-automated and fully automated assembly solutions, including the use of robotics.

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Standard products

We are proud to offer standard products that embody the best of our expertise and experience. Standard products not only help reduce risk by giving access to proven technology, but offer the additional benefits of repeatability, alongside exceptional value for money.

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Consultation Collaboration Care

We know that just as every automation cell we design and deliver is unique, so the support we offer needs to be tailored. We believe that collaboration is the key to providing the very best support. Using SWARM methodology, we aim to use our collective expertise to resolve issues as quickly and efficiently as possible.

ALPHR has developed a building block approach to the support we offer. This enables our clients to choose a support package and then add support blocks to suit their individual business requirements.

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